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Membership Application (e-mail) for international students resident in Japan

This form is for international students resident in Japan. Fill in the requested information of the member application form, and send the form by an e-mail to the BSJ Office. (E-mail:

Membership Application Form

    Application Date =     (month/date/year)

    Title/Position =

    Family Name =

    First Name =

    Gender =

    Date of Birth =       (month/date/year)

    Affiliation =

    Affiliation Address =

    TEL =

    Email =

    Home Address =

    Keyword 1 =

    Keyword 2 =

    Keyword 3 =

    Delivery address = [Institution] or [home]

    Membership for this year only = ○ or ×

    Membership type = [Regular (JPY12,000-)] or [Student (JPY2,000-)]

    Advisor's Affiliation, Title =     (Required information for student membership)

    Advisor's Name =         (Required information for student membership)

    Payment Method = [Postal Transfer] or [Registered Mail for Cash]