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Joint contents from the Journal of Plant Research and Ecological Research

Long-term and multidisciplinary research of the forest carbon cycle at the Takayama site, Japan

Edited by Hiroyuki Muraoka

Forest ecosystems cover approximately 30% of the terrestrial area of the Earth and are expected to play crucial roles in regulating our environments, as in atmospheric CO2 concentration. This special virtual issue introduces long-term and multidisciplinary challenges to understand the mechanisms of and to predict the future changes of the forest carbon cycle at the Takayama site, which was established in 1993 on a mountainous region in central Japan. The articles include research on (1) the detailed ecological processes in the forest carbon cycle, (2) their interactions with the climate, (3) integrated analysis of ecological and meteorological processes in CO2 dynamics, and (4) cross-scale observations and analysis over space and time by the approaches of ecology, micrometeorology, soil biogeochemistry, ecosystem modeling, and remote sensing.


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