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JPR Virtual Issue Vol. 2

Alpine and subalpine plant communities: Importance of knowledge of plant growth, reproduction and community assemblage processes for changing environments

Edited by Koichi Takahashi

Natural plant communities are exposed to environmental changes such as global warming and increased human activities. It is thought that alpine and subalpine ecosystems with cool climatic conditions are sensitive to environmental changes. This virtual issue introduces multidisciplinary research at alpine and subalpine plant communities. The articles include research on (1) species diversity, vegetation and biomass, (2) species assembly, (3) climate and growth of alpine plants,
(4) reproduction of alpine plants, (5) differences of growth traits among coexisting species, (6) vegetation changes by human activities and overgrazing of deer, and (7) differentiation of growth traits among ecotypes in relation to climatic conditions. These thirteen articles provide valuable knowledge for future research on the effects of environmental changes on alpine and subalpine plant communities.